Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Adware, Malware Removal Tools

Having severe problems with your computer and your average virus software isn’t working or is out of date? Here is the solution to your problems you can fix it free of charge if you follow the below steps.. I have seen computers that wouldn’t connect to the internet or you could hardly use cause it was so slow from virus’s after using these two programs the system was back to almost new condition and ran flawless! If anything at least look into the programs and choose one you think that might help you the most. They are free.

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I would highly recommend making a backup or system restore point so you have your system safe in case the virus or some thing crashes the system. From there you will most likely have to disable any spy ware or ad ware or virus programs to let these two programs run flawless. Having more then one program running that does the same job usually causes both programs to mess-up and not do it’s job that it is suppose to do. It is up to you if you disable it or totally remove the virus program you are using thru control panel. Remember these programs are free and Avast will monitor your computer and do a good job of it. Some people like to keep there virus software due to the fact they paid quite a bit of money for it, If that’s the case disable it or just don’t use avast.

These are the steps I used to remove all virus’s from computers that needed them removed.

First download these files.

1. Combofix
‘ There is detailed information on installing and using this program on this page but u can download and also follow my information below ‘

2. Avast Home Edition
‘ Above is download link ‘

These two files will fix Virus’s, Trojan’s, Malware, Adware.

After downloading the files please make sure you have all other virus scan software you have installed either disabled or un-installed, Some times they can effect these programs from doing there job. Once that is done run combo fix first, It’s basic setup you might have to right click if using Windows Vista and click run as administrator only if Windows Vista.

If not double click it and follow the steps that it ask such as make backup or restore spot and agree then you have to select I believe Option #2 in less it runs all by it’s self. After a scan it should go thru different steps and bring up a log of everything that it has removed and fix, Exit that now your down! System should work great now but I high recommend using Avast and installing it, It’s totally free and during setup answer yes to perform a full virus scan of system after reboot let it reboot and wait once done system is fully clean! Hope this helped! Go to this site: cell phone spy without access to target phone

Also if you are having problems with internet explorer this worked great for me, Click Tools, Internet Options, Click advanced Tab, Then Click restore all settings,then click reset below that, click apply then ok restart computer! Again take care god bless hopefully this fixes the problem!