SUPERAntiSpyware – a Must Have for Your PC Security Tool Kit

My Story
So let me tell you my little story first. Yesterday I was downloading and playing with various programs and applications regarding Internet Marketing as well as some toys for entertainment value (no doubt it was the toys ~sigh~). Let me advise that I *do* have a complete Internet Protection Suite installed that covers firewall, anti-virus, and malware, which will remain unnamed since it didn’t do it’s job very well.

Suffice it to say that I got sucked into Spylocked 4.3 *hell*. Syplocked is a very aggressive and malicious trojan-base spyware in and of it’s self. It installs itself on your system in many places, file bases on your hard drive as well in your system registry, and it hijacks your favorites and homepage in Internet Explorer (thanks goodness I use Firefox). If that isn’t enough, this piece of poop also “locks” a little warning icon in your system tray (that looks like the Windows System Alert) that pops-up messages that your PC has been infected with xyz virus or trojan (yeah right). Visit the up coming post: how to hack a phone

Being a relatively techno-savvy kind of guy I had a swing at it myself and promptly blew up my desktop. Yup yup, totally gone. No icons, no command bar, no mouse right-click. I could only see my background, and do the “three-fingered salute” to get to the Windows Task Manager, so I could do a normal shutdown. I finally relented and did an upgrade install of Windows thinking this may fix things, oh but no. I then went back to one of my favorite free anti-virus softwares’ that did find this pest and deleted it (even on a baseline boot-up virus scan), but upon complete start up there is was again. Did I mention aggressive?

So then, the search was on for a good free Anti-Spyware software. After several false starts finding “the answer” wrapped up in deceptive marketing drool I found an easy, almost care free solution with SUPERAntiSpyware.

About SUPERAntiSpyware

When I arrived at their Web site I found no marketing hype, rather a simple promise that the application would fix my problem and was free ( for personal use).
I installed SUPERAntiSpyware without any problems, then gave the intuitive interface a once over and added services that I could (for the free version). The free version *is* fully functional in that SUPERAntiSpyware updates the software and signatures on a regular basis, and you can run one-off scans at will. With the “paid for” registered version you can add-on numerous automation and real-time options. Click to read more: how to hack a phone

So I ran a scan. Gads! I had over 170 instances of spyware on my computer, between memory, registry entries, and files on the hard drive. And here I thought I had done a pretty good job with Internet Security. After SUPERAntiSpyware completes the scan it gives you a list of offending files and some options on how to handle them. I had SUPERAntiSpyware remove all the offending files and registry keys. SUPERAntiSpyware saves everything in a quarantine bin, just in case you need access them again in the future. Once SUPERAntiSpyware completed the clean-up process it prompted me for a system restart. When I got back up from the restart the pesky spylocked was finally gone and my PC’s performance is back to normal, and has been working flawlessly again every since. Thank you SUPERAntiSpyware!