Top 5 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android Free Download

Due to their affordability, Android phones are highly popular these days among people. Not just children, but also adults own Droid phones. But, parents who are concerned about the mobile phone activities of their teenage son or daughter and employers concerned about the mobile phone activities of their employees during office hours and also spouse concerned about the illegal association of their partner can get the best help from Android spy app. There are many such apps available for Droid phones, but here is the best of them:

1. TheTruthSpy:

This hidden mobile spy application will help with spying on Android phones without any rooting. With this application, the user can listen to the surrounding sounds live from the target phone. This means that parents can get to know whether their teen son or daughter is at the school or elsewhere. Similarly, employers can know whether the employee is at the place to which he is assigned to visit on a given day. Also, spouses can know the exact GPS location of their partner. There are many other attractive features that make this spy mobile app one among the top 5 choices for Droid phones.

2. FlexiSpy:

With 150+ monitoring features, this hidden Android spy app is one among the top 5. This app will help users to listen to the live calls made and received on the target phone. Even, they can record the calls and can track the location of the target phone. It is also possible to spy on web activities, can monitor chat applications and can even take pictures remotely with this application installed on the target phone.

3. Copy9:

This is a spy app available for Android phones. With this app call recording, tracking on Facebook Messages, WhatsApp messages and calls and camera data is possible. From a remote location, the Geodata, calendar, and contacts along with online activities on the target phone can be viewed. This phone spy app will help employers to make sure that the employees do not do any personal chatting and messaging during office hours.

4. MxSpy:

This is an application specially designed for Android phones by the company that found the Spy on iPhone application. With this app on the target Android phone, the user can read emails and can monitor on the videos and pictures shared and received on the phone. Employers can ensure that their trade secrets are not leaked by the employees with this app on the Droid phone of their employees.

5. 9SpyApps:

This is the next generation smart surveillance app for Android Phones. This app is also available for iOS phones. This app will help with recording the incoming and outgoing calls from the target phone. It will help with keeping track of the GPS locations of the target phone. In addition, activities performed by the phone user on browsers along with complete browsing history and also activities on instant messaging applications can be tracked with the help of this app.


Employers, parents of teen kids and also the spouses concerned about their cheating partner have excellent solution these days. There are certain apps that help with completely controlling the activities and settings on the target phone. This means that parents can block the child from visiting some websites. Employers can also block their employees from visiting social media and gaming sites and these things can be done from a remote location. Most of these apps require the access to the target phone only for a few minutes for installation of the app. After this, everything can be viewed from a remote location from the control panel of the app without gaining access to the target phone.